today We heard Ten Utterances from G-d on Mt. Sinai! the ear is a labyrinth leading to the pineal gland. open it up! get enlightened!


The baby’s ear looks like a baby
I thought
:curved cartilage seems
a spine in seed;
that faceless lobe —

That’s when God slapped me.

Except it was more like
a pickpocket’s opposite:
Spy drops we called them
:shoved secrets, in
parks, in the dark.

But those secrets were wanted.
She wasn’t, at first.
A crime, the Party always said
to bring children into this world.

So, guilty, sentenced, here I sit,
spooning her (and the floor) warm gruel

She meditates upon the fallen lumps
(although her stare’s more like a long-unrented room)

And I, upon her ear

Which as yet
is more like
an idea for an ear
:a sea glass question mark,
future perfect of the verb to be

Every night, my bed a ledge,
my body half-dissolved —

the screaming starts

Shame — a fractured bone’s
cool heat —
tells me to tell, and to run
but where?

We call it the wrong side of History
that uppercase pillory rune —

And who am I?
A pudding of a man.
A cross between a turnip and a toad
and born to die a fool —

What I had been fell from me like dirty rags

My daughter’s ear
:the fingerprint of God